I believe that couples counseling is akin to changing the oil in your car. A relationship needs regular, predictable maintenance and care in order to run smoothly. Without it a relationship may fail. I encourage couples to find a counselor and commit to periodically having ‘check-in’ sessions with this person. So WHEN, not if, issues come up there is already a support system in place with which both parents feel safe to hash out said problems. Like changing the oil in car, instead of waiting until the engines fails due to low oil, you prioritize maintenance in order avoid major catastrophe. 

Have you and your partner been regularly changing the oil in your relationship? Do you both have a place where you feel safe to talk about your feelings/fears/desires? Or do you feel on the verge of a relationship failure due to lack of maintenance? Finding a good couples counselor is a great start; be honest with each other about what you are looking for when seeking out a good fit.

Sometimes couples benefit from adding a more intense program to periodic couples counseling. Here in the Northwest we are very lucky to be near the Gottman Institute where some of the best research based couples support is found. The link below is for the often offered 2 day intensive couples workshop “The Art and Science of Love.” Check it out. It’s an amazing workshop where you will leave with hands on ways to strengthen your relationship. And bonus, several groups receive discounted rates: 

·       Microsoft Employees: NO charge for Seattle workshops

·       Clergy: $200 off enrollment fee

·       Armed Forces: $200 off enrollment fee

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If you are in crisis please call 911.

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