A chill is in the air, leaves are falling, summer is almost over. It happens every August without fail around our house and this year is no exception. Those 74 days of summer were grand- complete with camps, family road trips, fort building, black-berry picking and s’mores. There was extra time to sleep in, extra time to stay up late and extra time to fight with siblings. 😊

In mid June we are eager for school to be out and by mid August we long for school to be back in session. What about the in-between? What about the now? How do we learn to be present in the moment despite the hiccups? It’s easy to love life when things are going well and it’s tempting to want to hasten through hard times. What if we learned to be Ok (even accept) the waiting. What if we learned to be OK with The Wait.

In these ever-changing fast past times, it takes practice to be patient and present. Although our family summer was memory filled- it wasn’t all Instagram worthy, and that’s OK! Our family is learning to embrace the ups, the downs and be patient with The Wait. As a parent, and a therapist, there are a few things that make it easier, and hopefully they’ll help you too:

  1. Develop a breathing/meditation routine (see here for my fav)
  2. Create a village & accept help
  3. Let your kids be bored
  4. Hug a little longer & smile more
  5. Eat chocolate (or other treat of your choosing) 😉

Be well!


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