Our Services

Individual Counseling:

If you ever have stopped and wondered,

“Why is this happening again?” or

“Why I am feeling this way again” or

“Why am I still HERE?”

you may be an ideal candidate for individual counseling. EQUIP Counseling will create a safe, caring, confidential environment for you to explore feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that may or may not be working for you anymore; as well as help you explore new patterns and techniques to create the life you want.

Relationship Counseling: 

Relationships are hard work, even when everything else is going smoothly. Relationship Counseling is a confidential place to explore and work out relationship differences as well as create a supportive environment for major life events. Relationship Counseling is a safe place where both partners are equally heard, EQUIP Counseling does not “take sides” and will support a couple in whatever direction they choose to move.

Teen Counseling: 

From society to school to parents to peers, the expectations placed on teenagers are extreme and can be overwhelming and sometimes debilitating. EQUIP Counseling is uniquely skilled at creating at a space where teens feel heard and safe in addition to exloring issues of bullying, self-harm, self-esteem, harassment, abuse, suicide, underage drinking/drug-use, promiscuity, lack of ambition, perfectionism, and more.

(Please note that if you are seeking therapy for your teen there are specific ages for Disclosure of Information, please contact for more details).

Premarital Counseling: 

EQUIP Counseling is a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, the most widely used assessment tool for couples considering marriage. PREPARE/ENRICH will help you and your partner value and understand areas of your relationship where you could use support/guidance. (Please note: If you are interested in this, a minimum of 6 sessions is required and an additional charge of $30 for materials is required).

Family/Group Therapy: 

What would it be like if everyone could sit down in one room and say everything they wanted to say?

This is how EQUIP Counseling thinks of Family/Group Therapy. Gone are the days of things too taboo to talk about and gone are the days of poor communication. Family/Group therapy challenges whole families or groups therin to come together to hash out long help pains, resentments, differing expectations, misunderstanding, and more. As a result of Family/Group Therapy, new and hopefully healthier relationship and communication styles are adopted.

(Family/Group Therapy is NOT just for the traditional “family unit,” it is an excellent option for blended, extended families, or even groups/teams that struggle with communication.

(EQUIP Counseling is prepared to see up to 8 people in the office space comfortably, with advance notice).

Groups Therapy: 

EQUIP Counseling runs different Topic Groups from time to time. You are welcome to inquire about more detials.