Clutter. We all have it. Whether or not we are good at purging or if it’s a challenge for us, most of us at times, struggle with clutter. Part of it comes from the ‘more is better’ mentality our society has created. What mom hasn’t come home from another birthday party or fast food restaurant with small toys that either end up on the floor of the car or scattered around the house? What person doesn’t push stuff to the back of their closet or bookcase and commit to ‘looking at it later?’

Did you know that clutter increases stress and increased stress leads to increased anxiety and depression? What are we to do?

I stumbled up Allie Cazzaza from A Purpose Housewife blog being interviewed recently. Check out her blog for inspiring and doable ways to declutter and streamline your home. She’s inspired me to purge our house. This weekend alone we packed 16 trash bags full of clutter to take to Good Will, and there is more to come! 

What are YOU hanging on to that you could let go of? Sometimes holding on to physical things represents what we are unwilling to let go of emotionally. Perhaps today is the day you decide to take the first step in de-cluttering yourself emotionally. Talk therapy can be a great way to help organize your emotions and select which ones are no longer serving you. 

Be well!


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